The Answer to that question is definitely TO STAGE. Here are the reasons;

  • Buyers need to see themselves in the home
  • Home needs to read to the targeted potential client
  • Some buyers cannot see past the baby pictures, the Hummel collection or the red wall.
  • Curb appeal is the first thing that will be seen, and if a client cannot even see the home for the trees, a negative impact has already taken place.
  • The home needs to feel warm, inviting and spacious.
  • Staged homes sell faster and for more money than cluttered UN staged properties.

Staging by Design combines the skills of interior design and visual merchandising, with the discipline of artistic sensibility and attention to detail to achieve the maximum effect of selling the property quickly and for top dollar. Staging by Design professionals will work closely with you and your Realtor to expedite the sale of your home. Remember, the Staging Cost is always less than the first price reduction. Let STAGING BY DESIGN SET THE STAGE FOR A SUCCESSFUL, STRESS FREE TRANSACTION.