Color and Texture Bring Life to a Home
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Color can either turn a person away or bring them in. When choosing color for a home interior or exterior these are the factors that need to be addressed.

  • Exterior: color of roof, presences of trim as in brick or concrete, style of home, wide eaves or overhang, front door style, trees and shrubs around the property
  • Interior: Style of home, color and type of floor, base boards, brick, and wooden floors, stone granite or tile.

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When deciding on color either inside or outside, pull the base color from an element already in existence in the property and then take that color all the way through the exterior to the interior.

  • Some people believe, when staging a property, that the entire interior of the home should be white; ceilings, walls, baseboards, cabinets. However, there needs to be definition. If there are baseboards or crown moldings you need to see them. A good wall color is Balboa Mist #1549 (Benjamin Moore), Baseboards and Crown Swiss Coffee (Kelly Moore), Ceiling Western Acoustic (Kelly Moore). The colors right now are Trending in the Grey tones, warmer verses cooler.
  • You can’t go wrong with a red Front Door: Seattle Red (Kelly Moore) or black as in Black Forest Green (Benjamin Moore)

Texture: Through texture one gets depth. Texture comes in many shapes and sizes; architectural, natural plant fibers and even trees and live plants in the interior of the home.
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